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            [New product release] Creative new products are exposed! All-in-one alloy cylinder brings a full range of experience upgrades

            2021-09-22 16:23:24

            [New product release] Creative new products are exposed! All-in-one alloy cylinder brings a full range of experience upgrades

            In the industrial field, what can "one" be?

            It's less, it's refined, it's complicated to simplify, and it's a manifestation of integration level and R&D capabilities.

            Ai Dun always takes technological innovation and improving service awareness as its own development foothold. On the road of technological progress, Ai Dun insists on being a pioneer and leader.

                As a manifestation of the continuous implementation of this development tenet, Ai Dun has officially launched the recently developed new product——One-piece·alloy cylinder, one-piece·reinforced alloy cylinder,Realize a new twin screw experience upgrade with "one body"!


            01 product name

            All-in-one alloy cylinder

            One-piece·reinforced alloy cylinder

            02 Product Features

            One-piece · Alloy cylinder:

            Taking into account the actual needs of the modified enterprises, after analyzing the application of traditional cylinders, Ai Dun has undergone bold innovative design and rigorous research and experimentation to innovate the form and function of the cylinder.

            Aidun uses its own sophisticated sintering process to successfully sinter the alloy layer on the inner wall of the cylinder, avoiding the instability problems caused by the use of bushings in traditional cylinders, and significantly reducing costs.

            One-piece · Reinforced alloy cylinder:

            On the basis of the one-piece alloy cylinder, Aidun has enhanced it and adopted a special design to solve product problems in a targeted manner and provide a more comprehensive and detailed cylinder solution.

            03 Product effect

            lower the cost

            The integrated cylinder simplifies the structure and optimizes the process, thereby significantly reducing the cost on the basis of ensuring product quality. Help continue to improve your competitiveness in the industry.

            Anti-running cover

            There is no bushing structure, so there is no risk of running sleeves.


            Without the risk of leakage of traditional cylinders, production efficiency and quality can be guaranteed.

            High temperature measurement accuracy

            There is no gap inside the cylinder, so the temperature measurement is more accurate, so that users can adjust the temperature control in time, efficiently produce, and improve product quality.

            04 Product specifications

            Specifications: 20-135 models

            Alloy thickness: 2-3mm

            Alloy material: AD-02, AD-05, AD-25, new material AD-80

            High-quality alloy materials are the key to the abrasion and corrosion resistance of the cylinder. Aidun uses self-developed alloy powder materials to produce the cylinder to grasp the product quality from the source. The wear resistance of the new material AD-80 is more than 5 times that of α101.

            What can Ai Dun do?

            1.Enhance your competitiveness in the industry

            The service life of the cylinder is increased by more than 3 times → the customer's cost per ton of product accessories is reduced by 46%.

            2.Provide professional and comprehensive services

            Analyze your use environment→design alloy formula→alloy manufacturing, precision inspection→tracking verification→continuous improvement

            With the deep cultivation and development of Aidun in the twin-screw extruder industry, Aidun has become more mature and stable. As far as the cylinder series is concerned, the Aidun cylinder family is gradually expanding, with specifications expanded to 135 models, and continuous research and development of new forms and new materials to make the cylinder more suitable for the rich market demand.

            The launch of the one-piece alloy cylinder is a testament to Ai Dun's determination to innovate and continuously improve its service level. In the future, we will continue to conduct research based on actual production needs, and develop and explore new materials and new products based on the actual application of the products.It is Ai Dun's commitment to work with partners to make progress together, continuously improve and maintain the competitiveness of partners in its industry!

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