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            [Germany K2022] Armord alloy participated in the German K exhibition, booth 14B11

            2022-11-16 00:41:32


            K exhibition 2022 in Dusseldorf, Germany has ended!

            Armord Alloy participated in this exhibition. Booth No. 14B11.Armord showed the latest products and technologies, hoping to show the characteristics of Chinese manufacturing in the international plastic industry.

            Armord alloy materials were first used in the petroleum industry. Later, by chance, we realized that the strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance of nickel based alloy materials can be applied to the extruder industry. As a result, Armord has carried out a long period of innovative research and development, successfully combined our alloy materials with twin-screw extruder barrel and threaded elements, successfully created Armord nickel base alloy barrel.




            During the exhibition, we met many new international business friends from all over the world. Of course, we also met with many international old customers. Armord's friends were very warm when they met in a foreign country.



            In 2022, we exhibited the alloy bushing of Armord's new material AD-80, which has aroused wide interest. Armord has been committed to developing new products to give full play to the advantages of alloy materials. This time, the AD-80 has an upgraded version of corrosion and wear resistance, which is more than 5 times that of Alpha 101, and has excellent corrosion resistance. The service life is significantly improved.

            Armord exhibited the three screw cylinder. As an extension of twin-screw extruder, triple screw extruder has higher efficiency, higher mixing performance and is suitable for unique working conditions.

            The specification of threaded components of Armord alloy has been expanded to 18-140, bringing the advantages of nickel based alloy to a wider range of applications. This actually contains a huge breakthrough.

            We also produce other series of extruder accessories. It includes alloy die of extruder, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant block, alloy perforated plate, which can improve the anti-corrosion and wear-resistant performance of other parts of extruder and extend the service life of accessories. In the future, we will continue to explore more possibilities of various alloy materials to provide comprehensive and professional solutions for the extruder industry.


            At the exhibition, we learned that the international plastic market is recovering from the epidemic. Many other countries in the world are hopeful about the plastic and rubber industry and interested in Chinese plastic manufacturing. We are proud of our contribution to the plastic industry, and proud of the worldwide acclaim of Chinese plastic manufacturing.

            In the future, Armord will continue to research and develop new materials, new technologies and new products, and constantly improve and maintain the competitiveness of its partners in the industry is Armord's commitment!


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